Neon Showdown: How LED Neon Signs Differ from Traditional Glass Neon Signs

It’s not uncommon to don’t fully get the differences between LED neon and glass neon. The internet is full of misconceptions that tell you the reason why one kind of neon sign is better than the other. For the essential information, we’ve identified the major differences. This breakdown will help you understand how both kinds of lighting are to be viewed. Here they are!

1. Material

Perhaps you’re familiar with neon, but what about LED neon? They both produce light, however, the way they’re processed provides each with its distinctive visual flavor. The traditional neon signs are constructed of glass tubes, which could break easily. On the other hand, LED signs are constructed by using diodes emitting light that when strung together produce a neon-like appearance. In a polymer jacket to protect each diode, LED is a cost-effective, energy-efficient option for signs.

2. Appeal

Global businesses are adopting LED neon signs due to their vivid light and their ease of installation and transport. Due to the nostalgic factor and the connotations of glamour and status, the majority of creative people love LED neon signs.

3. Brightness

It’s been discussed a lot about which type of lighting is the brightest. If you’re looking to purchase a custom neon light, it’s important to make sure that the sign is legitimate. When shopping online, it is important to know that LED neon light bulbs are extremely bright and eco-friendly. They can also be dimmed.

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