Bring Some Personality to Your Home with a Custom Basset Hound Neon Display

The story of a remarkable dog and a unique neon sign

It’s not every day you hear a heart-warming story of resilience and hope, but today we bring you a story of hope and survival. Meet the fire-fighter Basset Hound, a pet hero who, in spite of all odds, managed to come out alive from an incredibly destructive house fire. In honor of this remarkable story, we will create an original neon sign for our four-legged friend.

The Fire Survivor’s Basset Hound Journey

The tale begins with a brave Basset Hound who protected its family from the flames that were raging. The brave dog alerted his family at the right moment to allow everyone to escape. The owners wanted to pay tribute to their dog’s courage by putting up a neon sign.

A Neon Sign that is as unique as the Story

Illusion Neon, a company that specializes in LED Signs as well as custom neon signs was approached by the family to design an original sign. They worked closely with the design team to ensure that the sign captured the essence of their Basset Hound’s story.

A Touch of Joy

The designers at Illusion Neon knew that they had to add a bit of whimsy to the sign. They found inspiration from some of their other well-known neon signs, such as the cloud neon sign as well as the neon cocktail sign. Each of these designs offered a unique approach to creating an eye-catching piece of art.

  1. Cloud Neon Sign The designers chose a glowing soft cloud for Basset Hound as a family guardian. You can find inspiration in their cloud neon sign collection.
  2. The Neon Cocktail Sign: The design was inspired by the bright colors and dynamic designs of the neon cocktail sign The design was created with vibrant colors and dynamic elements to represent the Basset Hound’s fiery spirit.
Capturing the Heroic Moment

The designers then looked at the neon on-air sign for inspiration for how to convey the dog’s heroic feats. The designers added “Fire Survivor” in big, bold font to the sign in order to ensure that the Basset Hound story would be at the forefront. You can check out similar designs within their neon signs that are on the air collection.

The Finished Product

The custom neon sign that was created for the fire-fighter Basset Hound was an absolute masterpiece. The sign, which incorporates the most popular neon signs as well as personal touches with elements of popular neon signs, serves as an ode to an amazing story about a brave dog that risked his life to save his family. The sign also functions as a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship of the team at Illusion Neon, who managed to bring the story to life with the help of a stunning custom LED neon sign.

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