The Fading Legacy of Nostalgic Neon: Understanding the Disappearance

A neon sign refers to a light that emits electricity when it is passed through a gas-filled glass tube. You can alter the gas used or paint the glass tube to emit light in your choice color. Bright neon signs have been a fixture in downtown areas for many years. But, neon signs are decreasing in recent decades. This time we sent out questionnaires to 100 people about neon signs. We will offer different opinions on neon signs’ necessity and image.

82% knew the signs and 18% did not. In France, neon signs were developed in the 1910s. Japan also imported this technology, which has been used ever since the Taisho period.

Bending the glass tube can transform neon signs into any form. You can also create three-dimensional signboards filled with letters or illustrations by creating neon signs. Many people have seen them placed on top of buildings and in downtown shops.

The majority of those voting for “I don’t recognize neon signs” are likely to include people who have seen the signs but don’t remember their names.

Q2. Q2.

Q1. Do you know the meaning of neon signs?

The downtown character signboard got 67% of the votes. This is the neon sign that gives the strongest impression. Signboards have been used for many years by downtown shops. Many people are aware that neon signs can be found in downtown areas, which is why it’s sometimes called “neon town”.

The second most popular answer was “exterior wallpapers of pachinko bars, etc.” This antique store also makes use of neon signs quite a bit.

The third was “a large tower advertising such as Glico”. The neon sign’s bright colors are ideal for large, attention-grabbing advertisements.

Q3. Q3.

84% don’t know the reason neon signs are disappearing in their cities. 16% of respondents know. Neon signs are rapidly disappearing from cities, but most people don’t even know this.

Because of this trend, both the number of neon sign manufacturers and those who make glass tubes are decreasing. It appears that signboards made with LEDs or other lighting are getting more common.

While neon signs are declining in number, there are still plenty of colorfully lit signs. As you travel through the downtown area you’ll see billboards or advertisements that glow in a variety of colors. Not many people may believe neon signs have diminished.

Q4. Are you thinking of a neon sign?

Only 43% need neon signs while 57% do not.

“It’s too flashy. It consumes a lot. (Kochi Prefecture/38 years old/female). It’s quieter than it and safer without. (Tochigi PREFECTURE/34 years old/female). People who don’t like neon signs can vote for “not required”.

But, some people think the neon signs are too bright for crime prevention. It can also serve as a tourist attraction. (Shizuoka, prefecture/45 years old/female). Not many.


Neon signs received a lot more negative feedback. It seems that neon signs were commonly installed in downtown areas. This led to the perception that neon signs make it unsafe.

It is made by cutting glass tubes into any form and creating vivid colors. It’s easy to use it as an advertisement. However, some people find the color too flashy or vulgar. Some people don’t like the neon signs’ appearance, while others feel the signs are in poor taste.

In terms of global environmental concerns, it was believed that billboards using electricity are not sustainable. Neon signs that shine brightly at night are a sign of concern for the global environment.

While neon tubes don’t consume as much power as other light sources, such as LEDs or fluorescent lamps, they can still be harmful to the environment.

People have different feelings about neon signs. Many people replied that they didn’t want it to go because they liked its texture and design. It appears that many people also recognize the importance of this type of lighting that brightens the night. Certain neon signs bring life to the city. It is also thought that it would not be right to remove the neon sign from the traditional landscape. Some people said that they don’t want to see the neon signs disappear, simply because it’s hard to find stores in dark places at night. In terms of practicality, neon signs can also be useful. It’s especially helpful for those unfamiliar with the area, as it serves as a landmark and point of reference for the store that you are trying to find.

Today, advertising is not limited to neon signs. Signs made of LEDs have been replacing neon signs. This trend could be dismissed by some.

Neon signs will likely decline in line with the current trends. But the demand won’t disappear. Some people believe that neon signs should be preserved. They are nostalgic and can be enjoyed by young people, while the old can recall the good times. My opinion is that neon signs won’t go away as long as they don’t disappear.

We offer the “Border V Series” light source as an alternative to neon tubes. This LED neon is designed for use in borderline applications. It combines LEDs and silicone.

It’s not suitable to create neon letters, but it can be used for expressing borderlines that require R.

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