The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Size Neon Sign for Your Wedding

You’ve found the perfect neon sign, but are still having trouble determining the perfect size. We all know that neon signs are a great accessory to weddings, it’s important to shine like stars. In this article, we’ll show an easy guide to getting the dream-fit neon sign!

How do I size the wedding neon sign?

Check out how neon signs in different sizes look against the iconic greenery walls. Each size does give off a different look and feel for your wedding backdrop. Be sure to take measurements of the space. Zanvis will use the measurements to create the ideal neon sign. Below is a comparison of 5 standard sizes for wedding neon signs. See how each size compares in real life.

Say cheese! Everyone smiles at the picture. It’s obvious that everyone is having great fun at the event and the glowing neon sign is sure to make everything more captivating and alive. The couple chose the 40-inch – 100cm customized surname neon sign to use for their photo booth, and see how it just fits just like it was made for you! Customize one neon sign for your next event and capture Instagram-worthy images.

The Carpens Est 2022 (Neon sign size: 36 inch – 90cm)

This customer customized a 36-inch (90 cm) surname neon sign and just look at the size on his fingers! Although it isn’t available in standard sizes you can personalize it to suit your needs. So hurry up, your event is screaming for a neon light-up sign!

Refer to this article for inspiration: C Neon sign with hum at wedding

Be aware that bigger sizes can lead to higher prices. For bigger signs, you’ll need more time, materials, and energy than for smaller ones.

For the best dimensions, you should take functionality and design into account when determining the size of your space. There are various sizes and styles of neon signs. They can be used in numerous locations.

After you’ve finished the measurement, imagine what it will look like with your favorite font or color. This ensures that each component is well-integrated. Can’t visualize? To help you visualize better, use our online, customized.

2. The right sizes for the wedding neon signs

2.1 Indoor Wedding neon sign

Wedding neon signs typically measure 36″, 42″, or 48 inches in width. They are ideal as a backdrop in every photograph. Just because you’ve seen lots of neon signs in this size doesn’t mean that you should. Each person has their unique style! The huge size will let your name shine brightly in the glow of the neon. In contrast, smaller signs work for more simple weddings. Barcelona font looks stylish and cool, whereas the KIONA font exudes professionalism and solemnity.

The O’Neills neon sign for weddings (53 inches)

This neon sign uses the Barcelona font at 53 inches. If you prefer the same look, you can choose the same font and size for your wedding neon signs.

2.2 Neon sign for an outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings are the trend right now! Imagine neon signs bearing your names glowing in the middle of a lush and natural landscape. The couple above selects an above-quote neon sign that has 52 inches (150cm) in size and comes in KIONA font.

Wedding neon signs add a splash of bright color to the ceremony. They also give a warm glow to the party. Outdoor weddings: Install neon signs in the reception area, around the cocktail table, or photo booths to direct guests to the photo booth. There are plenty of places to hang these beautiful signs, so if you have one location in mind then grab the measuring tape and measure the measurements.

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