Standing Out in the Crowd: The Competitive Edge of Neon Sign Advertising


LED Neon signs rely on electrode heads located at both ends of the sign to strike the rare gas inside the lamp tube with an electric field of high voltage. This is distinct from a normal light source that has to heat the tungsten wire to a very high temperature to release light. It also causes a significant amount of electrical energy to be consumed as heat energy. Using the same amount of electricity, NEON has a higher

Low Temperature

Because of its cathode’s cold properties and working temperatures below 60°C, neon lamps can be used outdoors in the rain or underwater. Due to its working properties, it is possible to be utilized in foggy and rainy conditions to provide a visual effect.

Low energy consumption

The age of technological innovation has seen neon lights manufacturing technology, as well as other technological advancements. The power consumption of neon lights is drastically decreased from 56 watts per square meter to just 12 watts.


Neon light sources work continuously without power, with a lifespan of more than 10,000 hours. This advantage is difficult to achieve with any other source of electric lighting.

Flexible and varied

Glass tubes can be used for making neon signs. After firing, the LED Neon Sign can be bent in any form with incredible flexibility.

It is a very dynamic

The LED neon sign is made up of a bright tube as well as an active light-scanning tube. It cannot scan, skip gradient scanning, and color-changing seven-color scanning. The scanning tube is controlled by a scanner that is programmed by the microcomputer chip. The tube that is illuminated or goes out in accordance with the program and creates a pair of moving pictures that look like a rainbow in the sky or the Milky Way on earth, and more of the dreamlike world of Unforgettable. The lamp that glows in neon is an effective and affordable advertisement that’s more affordable than other kinds of investment.

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