How Custom Neon Signs Can Give Your Business a Boost: 12 Little-Known Benefits

There are many things you can do to make sure that your company is well-known in the area. Bright building paint, flashing lights, and conventional signs can all be used to get your establishment noticed. It is hard to find anything that can match neon signage’s effectiveness. However, neon signage was limited in its possibilities. Modern technology and decades of innovation have opened up a world of opportunities for custom neon signs.

While neon signs have long been the preferred business display option, the LED market is growing in popularity. LED lights and signs are made with light-emitting devices (LEDs), which are strung nearby so that the light it emits overlaps and provides a steady source. LED signs are generally lighter and more secure than glass neon. They are often protected from external damage with a polymer cover. LED signs offer many benefits that make them ideal for brick-and-stone businesses.

Your Guide To Neon Signage

It’s possible to notice glowing signs in buildings as if they were lit from within. These are the neon signs. And if they’re something you notice more than any other, that’s a sign you have one of the major benefits of advertising.

Historians have stated that the first neon sign was invented in 1910. This was at France’s Grand Palais. The display attracted people’s attention, and this visual effect quickly spread to other countries. With postwar America booming, the commercial demand was high for neon signs in the 1950s.

According to some, while neon signs may have seen a decline in popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, they are now making a strong comeback in 2000.

They are still a hit with many consumers. Despite all of the digital advantages, paperbacks still sell. Vinyl records are now outselling compact disc CDs. There’s a real desire for genuine articles, and it’s being accepted. It would seem that the old school seems to be back in style.

Why LED Neon is the Best Choice for Many Commercial Signs

Attention-grabbing ads and lights are the best way to distinguish cities. On a sidewalk, you’ll see neon signs welcoming guests to hotels or flashing signs promising a good time. Today, however, neon signs that were once common are being rapidly replaced by LED neon lights at a lower cost.

Here are some benefits of LED signs over traditional neon lights.

  • Very Safe
  • Traditional neon is more expensive
  • Energy-Efficient
  • The same Brightness and Color as Traditional Neon
  • You Have the Option to Get More Effects and Patterns
  • Recyclable

As the public moves towards a cleaner future and safe recycling become the norm, old neon signs will likely be replaced with modern LED neon.

12 Advantages Your Business can Enjoy with Customized Neon Signs

Here are a dozen benefits custom neon signage may offer your company. You will be surprised at how many of these are possible.

1. Energy Efficiency

A lot of business owners are fondly familiar with custom neon signs because they use less energy. LEDs use less power than neon lights if you want to have energy-efficient signage. For LED bulbs to work, they require 12 volts. Neon bulbs can run on 15,000V. If you are looking at large outdoor displays and wondering whether you should go for LED or neon, then you will see significant savings in running costs if an LED display is chosen.

2. Creative Freedom In Design

Custom neon signs have many options. This advertising medium is open to a vast array of possibilities in terms of lettering and logo design. Companies can design neon signs of almost any size and color they want. You can find online tools to help you design neon signs. There are even third-party pros who can help you with the layout or image creation.

3. Durability

Customized neon signs are just like any other neon sign and have the same durability as all other signs. A well-built neon sign should last for at most a decade. However, with care and attention from creation through to installation, you can make it last even longer. This is far more cost-effective than hiring an employee to climb a ladder to replace bulbs in traditional outdoor signs twice per year. It is much safer, and it all depends on the weather conditions and who is willing to climb that ladder.

4. Easy Installation

The majority of neon sign producers either have someone to help with the installation or work in partnership with someone. Even if it is possible to install your sign yourself, it is worthwhile having industry professionals handle it. This is not a job that will disrupt or close your business for many days. The work usually takes just a few days and is very minimally disruptive to foot traffic. Depending upon your business hours, you may even arrange to have it done at night. The sign arrives, is installed, and then turned on all within one day.

5. Environmentally-Friendly

If you’ve read the entire article, you know that neon signs use less electricity. They also have an extended lifespan. This means that they are better for the environment you share, with your vendors, and with your clients. A lower carbon footprint means less power consumption, even if you still rely upon fossil fuel power. Because these signs are long-lasting and don’t require frequent replacement, there is less waste material.

6. Broad Range Of Operation

Neon signs are durable, but they can also be used in a variety of ways. Is your location in a region that is susceptible to storms? Are there any surges or brownouts that could affect your line voltage? The majority of neon signs are safe in these cases.

7. Versatility

You’re probably aware of the many colors, designs, or shapes available. Although you might not think you’d ever use custom neon signage for your business, it is possible. Signs must adhere to any regulations or municipal building codes, as well as rules enforced either by the building manager or the property manager. Because neon signage is flexible and adaptable, you can follow the rules at your place and still stand out from your neighbors who might be wondering how to make flat signs.

8. Enjoy the Night

Do you close down your business at five in the afternoon on weekdays, or do you keep your business open late and on weekends as well? Neon signs can be used to inform people in the area about your nighttime hours. There are many options for lighting your daytime signage. But neon signs are cost-efficient, require less maintenance, and last longer.

9. Make a great first impression

How many times were you able to drive by a business without seeing anything but a basic sign? How many stores and establishments don’t even have logos? How often do we see a vinyl banner fluttering in the wind? Neon signs are customizable in color, shape, and style. Your business’ quality and value will speak for themselves before customers or prospects even come to your door. It might happen even before they get in their car.

10. Match your branding

Social media is now the dominant medium in the world. It doesn’t suffice just to be available for business and offer a product/service. Not just a company name or website, you need a brand. Custom neon is a great way to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

11. Fonts Galore

One of the greatest benefits of custom neon signs is the freedom to choose between so many font styles. This includes matching your business branding if you feel that it is important. However, choosing a font style that complements your decor or visual aesthetic will be the most beneficial. If you are looking for outside signs, you can pick a font that will make your business name stand apart from all the others. Even if a neon signage company doesn’t offer the font you require, there is a chance they can get one.

12. Neon Is Brilliant

Neon stands out. This is because the colors are more vivid than traditional or traditional signage. It also has a greater luminosity. This makes your business easier to spot by passersby as well as easier to find customers once they’ve visited.

This technology is more than a century old, yet neon signs can be retro-chic to say your store’s open hours or display sophisticated branding. You can use this option to communicate information with prospects and customers with a delicious combination of style and urgency.


In neon signs, attention is attracted first and foremost. They draw attention even in the darkest hours of the day. They were well-known during America’s 1960s and 1950s boom in roadside culture. To this day, people traveling on roads rely on the neon signs at motels and hotels indicating Vacancy/no vacancy to find somewhere to stay for the night.


There are many neon signs, but not every neon sign is neon. The recent revival of this industry was initiated in the latter half of the 1990s by engineers and chemists who came up with various color spectrums. Modern neon signs can be made from argon and carbon dioxide as well as helium.

Know your neighborhood

Although not all communities like custom neon signs, many do. However, it is important to ensure that you own the right to permit such signage if you are required to. Also, ensure that the zoning ordinances as well as building codes permit neon signage.

Take note of any nearby businesses that are currently using customized neon signs. Don’t assume that more neon signs will be added to the area. You might be seeing custom neon signs that work. Notice how many cars are stored in each parking space. Are there many people walking in and out of the parking lot?

The proof is definitely in the pudding. See for yourself how custom neon signs are helping local businesses and restaurants. Do not be afraid to stand out among the rest.

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